I really hate bullies. The saddest thing is that bullies don’t disappear when you leave school, they just find jobs in companies that permit their nasty dysfunctional behaviour. Bullies turn up over and over again and occasionally you’re going to get stuck with one. All you can do is look the bastards in the eye and say;

For some time now I’ve been working far too hard at The Day Job and A Number of Other Projects.
It’s been a hell of a balancing act, or a house of cards, or whatever metaphor you care to ascribe. To this (inevitable) end, house of cards has collapsed, over worked has become under employed and Other Projects have thankfully come to their end.
I shall now be tottering my way along very very carefully, picking up the odd Jack of Clubs or Queen of Hearts until I’m dealing from a full deck again.
In the meantime, I intend to draw more webcomics and start as many new pressure-free online projects as humanly possible.